Exploring the world, exploring life…

I grew up moving around within Orange County, and spent my longest time in Garden Grove, before leaving for college. While studying at University of California Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to study and live in Cordoba, Spain for a short time.

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in Communication and Sociology, I am currently training to become a Social Worker at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Many ask me why study in Australia and not in the states…I ask, why not? Well, the truth is, I followed my heart.

I fell in love with a boy and joined him on an adventure to Australia. It was a big difficult decision to make, but it was also a great opportunity: I get to enjoy a new experience of living in another country with an amazing human being, and get my masters at the same time.

In my spare time I enjoy seeing new sights while travelling, scuba diving into the deep, filling life with enriching and fulfilling adventures.

Very much a people person, I have genuine interest in hearing people’s stories from all walks of life, and learning from the human experience. I’ll save the heavy stuff for another blog.

I wanted to start this blog to share my experiences while living in Australia. Hopefully I’ll be able to include adventures beyond Australia along the way 🙂

Initially planned to stay for two years (the duration of my master’s program), but let’s see where this all takes me…

Thanks for reading!