Shadow Shifts

by laur3xplores

Right now it is 2:21am and I’m on my shadow shift with my two lovely colleagues. It is my first overnight shift with this new job.

My first shadow shift was yesterday when I worked from 2:30-11:30pm. It wasn’t so scary as I had felt starting out. The kids were cool- we took them out to the golf range, returned and prepared dinner. The kids were competing over workouts-who could do the most push ups, pull ups, crunches etc.

Then they had their showers and relaxed with some tv- they also talked to me about what it was like for them to be addicted to their substance use. 10:30 is bed time so they eventually made their way.

There were a few incidents, but all in all- it wasn’t too bad.

Two kids have left the program and we are now left with two. Hopefully they will be able to complete the program-we are on day 3 out of the 11. They are pretty sweet kids.

We do bed checks every three hours and document them. 2:30 now. I have 6.5 more hours.