Singapore-where the adventure begins!

by laur3xplores

1 day 1 Night in Singapore: Friday 13 January 2012

We landed on the 13th of January and stayed the night at Pan Pacific.  Great staff and an awesome location for accommodation.  Jonathan from the front desk kindly upgraded us, due to full bookings.  Score!  If only we went straight to our hotel rather than carrying our baggage around Sentosa.

Sentosa is like an amusement park with lots of attractions, only it seemed vacant when we were walking around there.  Lots of places were empty, and the aquarium was going through some renovations which closed half of the place down to tourists, yet charged full price on admissions.  Ryan and I opted out from going to the aquarium that we had looked forward to seeing.

Walking around, we felt like we were groundhogs- spending most of our time underground and catching trams here and there; only popping up once in awhile for a short time before returning underground again.  Singapore seems like one huge shopping mall that is underground.  Even the hotels are connected; you never have to step outside.  It was clean, and everywhere you go you smell the deliciousness from the foods being cooked.  While in Singapore, we ate chicken and rice for lunch -Ryan’s ultimate favorite dish there.

We also enjoyed the oh so delicious desserts in Novena area.

I do not know much about the culture here, but it seems to me to be a hybrid culture to which I am comfortable with…in-between Eastern and Western, but populated by mostly asian people who speak English.  It was really warm when we arrived, and we walked around for four hours or so before checking into our hotel.

After lunch, we went back to our hotel and enjoyed their mineral water swimming pool.  The pool water tasted as if it were drinking water, no trace of chlorine! Though there must be some in there…

We also used their steam room, which could use some renovating. It was lovely, though we had to go in separate ones (women and men have different steam room).  It was also creepy sitting in there by myself, but I’m glad I do not watch enough horror films to let my imagination get the best of me.

For dinner, we ate at The Gallery, a nearby food court in the shopping center.  Ryan had Indonesian Chicken Rice dish and I had a Japanese Salmon dish.

I really enjoyed our time in Singapore, despite the heat.  Weather is not so much emphasised considering we’re mostly indoors and underground anyway. Looking forward to coming back here on the way back to Brisbane.