Three days into the new year

by laur3xplores

Towards the end of my California trip, I caught the cold. There were NYE plans, but I had to sit this one out.

My partner joined his siblings up in Mooloolaba to ring in the new year, and I stayed back with the family pup to rest up. I fell asleep early and  missed out on the midnight celebrations, but I was able to catch up the next day via the news. Ryan returned later that day, and helped look after Selby.

I started to feel better yesterday, after having eaten a lot of GARLIC. I smelled so bad after that. Ryan made a delicious lamb dinner.

Just had the leftovers for lunch.

Last night, I actually had the energy to stay awake throughout the day without taking any naps. I read a post on the wordpress news about blogging for 365 days about something….I’m a little too late for that; but will definitely think about for the next time. I already have this blog to write about my experiences in Australia among other travels…though I do not post everyday.

In ten days I’ll be going to Vietnam for the first time. I feel pretty anxious about it. It’ll be quite the experience to see where my parents and grandparents came from. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.