Happy 2012, but first let’s go back to December

by laur3xplores

December is my favorite month. It is a magical month filled with much merriment.

It was the month I decided to make my trip back home to California to spend the holidays catching up with my family and friends.

It is THE month to go to Disneyland to experience the winter wonderland…under the sun.

To be home also meant that I can eat all that my heart and stomach desired; all the food that I had been craving for when I was living in Brisbane.

December was the month I first met my new angelic nephew who stole my heart.

It was a whirlwind trip that included a 4 day weekend in Washington (which included a day trip to Vancouver), a breezy night in Santa Barbara, and a quick two days visit in Vegas.

Looking back, I know I am the lucky one. I am grateful for my family, and my lasting friendships that endure life’s many changes, for the love that remains the same.

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